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Digital asset market data,
Adjusted to your needs

ChainSlayer is a Digital Asset market data and intelligence provider. We aggregate, normalise and sanitize data from different exchanges to deliver a continuous stream of reliable enterprise-grade market data.
Our Unique Features
No 'Echoed' Data
Our tickers are not 'echoed' from the exchanges but all our data is reconstructed from raw trades and orderbook events.
Published-volume, the volume published by the exchange, is also available.
Advanced Metrics
We offer meta-data about trader behaviour, such as orderbook events, event metrics and trade metrics.
All recorded at the highest granularity available.
Automatic Candle Pattern Recognition
Candle patterns are used to predict market behaviour.
Get notified when a certain candle pattern occurred.
ThreeLineStrike, TwoBlackGapping, ThreeBlackCrows, EveningStar, AbandonedBaby and 74 others.
Our API Features
Aggregated, normalised and sanitized data from different exchanges. A continuous stream of reliable enterprise-grade market data.
Our tickers are not 'echoed' but are reconstructed from each individual executed trade.
Normal OHLCV candles and advanced trade metrics.
Access every individual trade historically recorded in the market.
Orderbook Data
We have multiple orderbook endpoints, which include snapshots, best orders, depth and slippage.
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